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Our Story

PIKKOFUN emerged from a simple yet widespread frustration: high-priced paddles breaking prematurely. This common issue inspired us to innovate. We advocate for a pickleball experience where exceptional quality meets reasonable pricing. Every smash, serve, and volley with a PIKKOFUN paddle is a step closer to personal triumph, free from the worry of equipment failure.


Mission and Values

We aim to deliver high-quality, durable paddles at resonable prices, enabling every player to fully engage in the fun and competitive spirit of the game. We envision a world where pickleball is accessible to all, fostering a community where players are empowered to achieve personal triumphs. Our values of innovation, quality, and inclusivity guide us as we continuously evolve with the community’s needs, pushing the boundaries of design and performance. We’re dedicated to enhancing the pickleball experience, making it more enjoyable and attainable for enthusiasts everywhere, as we grow and learn with our vibrant community.


Innovation and Quality

Our paddles are meticulously crafted using premium T700 carbon fiber sheets and a responsive green PP core, perfected through advanced thermoformed molding techniques. This fusion of high-end materials ensures an exceptional balance of durability and performance. Our commitment to excellence extends to rigorous quality control, involving hands-on testing and validation by US authorities’ labs, ensuring our products consistently surpass expectations.

This dedication transcends mere equipment; it’s about elevating your game experience. At PIKKOFUN, we are devoted to continuous innovation, actively listening to our community, and evolving our products to meet and exceed the dynamic needs of pickleball enthusiasts. Every swing with a PIKKOFUN paddle is a testament to our promise of innovation, quality, and an unparalleled pickleball experience.


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