BUZZ 14mm


The Pikkofun Buzz 14mm is a premium, all-around paddle designed for players eager to elevate their game. Meticulously crafted with a thermoformed carbon fiber unibody, this paddle delivers unmatched solidity, consistency, and power, setting a new standard in pickleball play.

Features & techs
360° Thermo Molding Technology:Enhances performance consistency and boosts durability.
T500 Carbon Fiber Unibody: Wraps from face to edge to handle, creating a stable structure for seamless power transition. transition
Enhanced Control: A short handle and large sweet spot design significantly reduce mishits and improve maneuverability.
PikkoSpin+ Micro Texture: Offers a durable spin surface, maintaining spin consistency throughout each game.
Optimized Edge Guard: The striking orange edge guard not only protects your paddle but also optimizes weight balance and expands the sweet spot for consistent edge-to-edge performance.
– USAPA Approved for sanctioned tournament play
12 month warranty against manufacturing defects

J. Brown
Vine Voice
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This is a genuinely nice pickleball paddle with good control and decent power that’s ideal for league or tournament play. The paddle's face has texture, which is ideal for precisely imparting the proper amount of spin on the ball.
Robert Sisk
Vine Voice
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This is the first thermaformed paddle I have purchased and I have been impressed with the feel and build quality.
Verified Purchase
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I'm still a novice pickleball player, but I've played with a number of different paddles in the $35 to $100 range. This is my favorite paddle so far. It feels lighter in my hand but hits the ball with force...
Vine Voice
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After reviewing several mid-range, and entry level paddles, I had to see the difference with this professional paddle. WoW, in your hand you can immediately feel the difference, the balance, grip, texture, the weight, the paddle is fantastic...
Nathan R.
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This paddle is my favorite paddle currently. It's very like and has a nice solid feel when striking the ball. The surface texture allows for a nice amount of spin and control. It's very light as well. It does come with a protective cover which is nice. If just flat out looks great too.
joshua carson
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This paddle feels good in my hand--excellent balance, strong yet light, nice grip. Subtle but distinct textured surface, for a good spin on the ball. I feel very little shock in my hand or wrist when hitting the ball. Comes with a good neoprene cover. A real step up from lower-priced paddles, and yet still not expensive.

Paddle Specifications

  • Paddle Length: 15.5”
  • Face Width: 8.5”
  • Grip Length: 4.5”
  • Grip Circumference: 4.25” Octagon
  • Weight: 7.9oz, +/- 0.2oz
  • Paddle Surface: T500 carbon fiber + PikkoSpin+ Durable griity texture
  • Paddle Shape: Standard
  • Core Material: Polypropylene Honeycomb
  • Core Thickness: 14mm
  • Edge Guard: Yes